The Villains tribe is a tribe from Survivor: Blood vs Water.


Challenges Edit

Challenge Outcome
Reward Win
Immunity Win
Reward TBD
Immunity TBD

Tribe History Edit

On Day 1 the tribe formed, on Day 2 in the Reward Challenge they won due to the heroes ball falling and received Chocolate Milk. On Day 3 during the Immunity challenge they started with an early lead but when Ironic struggled in the last part it almost cost them the win, but they managed to win their second Challenge. By doing this they accomplished the first streak win in the history of the game.

Tribe Members Edit


Pachirisu_1o1, TheIronicKing, MRLAW19YT, Jojotwinore, Firmantheman, CirieFieldsSurvivor, icoxucker, WisteriaMune.

Trivia Edit

  • There the first tribe to win Reward and Immunity
  • There the first tribe to win both the Reward and Immunity challenge on the same episode