Season Overview Edit

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16 castaways embark on a adventure to the beautiful Bahamas were there must learn to adapt, not only in nature but in the game, can they outwit, outplay and outlast each other? This season, they will play with their loved ones who will be put on the tribe opposing them. They will need to battle for immunity to prevent them from being voted out at Tribal Council. 39 DAYS, 16 PEOPLE, 1 SURVIVOR.

Castaways Edit

These are the cast members of Survivor Bahamas S1 Blood vs Water. Edit

Heroes: Ken_McNickle, cassandra_ika, miketwin03, BeSweety, MoistMoth (At Redemption Island), SippingThatTea, glamouhr, MajesticWarrior18

Villains: TheIronicKing, WisteriaMune, MRLAW19YT, Jojotwinore, CirieFieldsSurvivor, firmantheman, Pachirisu_1o1, iCoxucker


Tribes Edit

Pre-Merge Edit

Villains- Formed Day 1

Heroes- Formed Day 1

Others- TBD

Merge Edit

Spys - TBD

Twists Edit

Redemption Island - When a person is voted out, they are sent to Redemption Island to compete to get back in the game. Comebacks are held at Merge and F7/F8

Blood vs Water - People's loved ones will be playing with each other but will be put on the opposing tribe to their loved one.

Hidden Immunity Idol - People can find this idol at their respective camps, it is an advantage in the game and used to negate votes at tribal council.

Tribe Swap - Everyone gets randomly assigned to a new tribe, where they can either be reunited or still seperated from their loved one.

Merge- At the halfway of the game, the tribes will merge and become one where all of the players will have to compete individually.

Others - Any other twists could be in the game such as advantages, double eliminations, etc. More will be added as time goes on.

Challenges Edit

Challenges Villains Heroes
Ep 1 Reward Win Lost
Ep 1 Immunity Win Lost
Ep 2 Reward TBD TBD
Ep 2 Immunity TBD TBD

Placements Edit

Contestant Original Tribe Swap Tribe Merge Tribe Statistics
MoistMoth Heroes None Voted Off Day 3
Ken_McNickle Heroes
Cassandra_Ika Heroes
MajesticWarrior18 Heroes
MikeTwin03 Heroes
SippingThatTea Heroes
glamouhr Heroes
BeSweety Heroes
TheIronicKing Villains
WisteriaMune Villains
MRLAW19YT Villains
jojotwinore Villains
CirieFieldsSurvivor Villains
firmantheman Villains
Pachirisu_1o1 Villains
iCoxucker Villains

Episodes Edit

Episode Episode Number Immunity-Holder Person Voted Off Reward
You Don't Get Robux! 1 Villains MoistMoth Milk

Trivia Edit

  • CirieFieldsSurvivor, firmantheman, iCoxucker were absent at the first session so they missed out on idol hunting, strategizing, and the first two challenges. MajesticWarrior18, MoistMoth, and BeSweety were also absent at the first session
  • WisteriaMune had to leave in the middle of the first session in between the first challenge and the second challenge.
  • MajesticWarrior18, MoistMoth, BeSweety were absent at the first tribal council.
  • The tittle of the first episode is a quote from the host, AnyaDixxie.
  • Episode 2 was postponed to Saturday 7pm PST due to the death of the host, AnyaDixxie's pet lizard

Voting Chart Edit

This is to be filled out when longterm is over. This would really make the game less fun as we can see on what people's sides are. Please do not put a voting chart here. Ty. xoxo, Ironic <3