A merge is the coming together of the two or more competing into a single tribe. This means that the tribes will now live as one in one camp until the end of the game (Day 39 ). This also signals the game's halfway point and typically is near the start of the Jury phase.

The initial merged tribe can contain anywhere from 8 to 13 members. Since , there has been a clear tendency to merge with at least 11 castaways remaining.

The merge serves as a halfway point of the game, where the castaways will live as one new tribe until the final day of the competition. Once merged, they will receive a blank tribe banner (with a new color), new buffs and poster paint (as they will be painting their banner). They would also have to christen a name for the new tribe. From this point forward, the game shifts from a team-effort competition into a individual game, although some challenges would still be team challenges. The final two or three would then face the Jury on the last day of the competition at the Final Tribal Council, where the jury decides who will be the Winner.

Trivia Edit

  • The Spys tribe is the first ever merge Tribe