Summary Edit

The episode started with Anya Probst introducing the cast with their partner, the tribes were divided by Heroes and Villains, they were taken to their camps and went idol hunting. The reward challenge was called "Jump on" the tribes must choose 2 carriers to carry their tribe across the water, they must climb up, and deposit 3 balls. TheIronicKing and Pachirisu_1o1 volunteered to be the two carriers while on the Heroes, Cassandra_Ika and glamouhr (glamouhr could be wrong) were the carriers. The Villains won the reward challenge and got cups of chocolate milk for the each of them. The immunity challenge was a sweeper to get across there being an obstacle both at the start and end of the sweeper. The Villains won again. In Tribal Council the Heroes tribe, was asked questions by Anya and preceded to vote. In the vote it was 3-2 and 3 votes for Moist and 2 vote BeSweety. Moist was asked to head to Redemption Island, and his partner MRLAW19YT wasn't so happy.

Tribal Council Summary Edit

Castaway Voted Votes Agaisnt
MoistMoth TBA
Person Leaving: MoistMoth

Trivia Edit

  • There were supposed to be 8 votes casted in Tribal Council. But there were only 5 as some people missed the session and their votes were not casted resulting in 3 votes being missed. These 3 people who missed the session and were not able to vote were MoistMoth, BeSweety, and MajesticWarrior18