Blood vs. Water is a twist introduced in the titular season, . It featured competing against loved ones, such as husbands, wives, children, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, and siblings.

History Edit

In , Survivor: Blood vs Water the twist split up the tribes with the loved ones divided in the tribes Heroes and Villains. The twist majorly affected the season, affecting Tribal Councils and Redemption Island duels. The twist allowed a contestant on Redemption Island to switch places with their loved one if they were still in the game, meaning the contestant on Redemption Island would join their loved one's tribe, while the contestant still in the game would take their loved one's spot on Redemption Island.

Season 1: Blood VS Water Pairs Edit

Pair Days Lasted
Mike and Jojo TBD
Moist and MRLAW TBD
Ironic and Cass TBD
Fir and TBD
Cirie and Be TBD